Payment Methods 

These are the payment methods currently available for foreign customers:Payment by Credit Card: 

  • Payment by Credit Card: You can pay by credit card enjoying the protection and security of the PayPal system, without the need for registration. You can type in your card details into the form on the "Checkout" page. We accept payments with the following cards:  VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, AURA, etc. Accreditation Times are immediate.

  • Payment by Paypal:  Paypal is the payment method immediate and secure.  By choosing to pay with Paypal, you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal site to complete the transaction. If you pay by paypal accreditation times are immediate. This reduces waiting times, allowing faster receipt of the product.

  • Payment by Bank Transfer: If you select this payment method, you will find the coordinates in order to complete the purchase by Bank Transfer. In this case the product will be shipped as soon as the bank will actually be credited to our bank account. The timing of bank credit will vary depending on the issuing banks, and generally range from 2 to 4 working days.


Sales are regularly recorded, the invoice is issued only at the explicit request of the customer, subject to receipt of the complete data of the Tax Code.